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This is a website dedicated to helping students build their resumes. We want to help you do that by allowing you to express ideas, join communities, and connect with other students that have the skills needed to get started on your latest idea.

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When you create your account, you'll be able to load in what you are skilled in and how skilled you are at it, with a little bit about you experience with that skill to help others understand where you're at with it.

Yourself and others can use this to help find teammates for projects that are created. The right person for you to be working with might be in your dorm or on the otherside of the country!


Create projects to get the word out about an idea that you've had. Once it's out there, you can start looking for people to add to your project. Who knows, maybe you're just the right person to help someone else out with their idea?


You can join or create communities where people of a certain interest (like web development) or affiliation (like your college) can gather together to share their ideas.

This could lead to making lifelong friends, a great project to show off at your next job interview, or even a great new startup.